THE BEAR AND THE MARMOT by Roberto Zanardo

A marmot living on the mountains of the valley of Aosta, in Italy, had a wonderful puppy.

He cared for her with the love that only moms know how to give.

She taught her the first steps and fed her for the first days of life.

One day while explaining how to get food alone, the little marmot slid into the creek and managed to reach the shore just a few miles later.

It was found by a very special bear, it seemed really bad, but in fact it was very good and timid.

The marmot was very frightened but the bear, who even when he spoke normally seemed threatening, said to her, “And who are you, what are you doing here?”

She, terrified, replied: “I fell into the creek while my mother taught me to fish …” And the bear: “Okay, I’ll bring you back to your mother, I’m not hungry, I’ve just eaten a lot of honey!”

“But tonight we will have to stay here, it’s too dark now and it would be impossible to come back” then warned her, jokingly: “But do it well, behave as it should and do not bother me if I do not eat you!”

The marmot nodded and actually realized that that bear was really good and would never hurt her even though she was so abrupt.

The bear said, “You can sleep here” and I monster a bed of straw where he used to sleep “I’ll sleep leaning on that tree.”

The next morning they woke up and the marmot was very hungry, the bear searched for something and found honey that he took from his personal reserve in a corner that he kept hidden.

They walked in the woods looking for marmot mom and the little man continued to complain and ask how much he missed. The bear then kicked and said to her with his threatening vocation: “So, do you want to find your mom or not?”

The puppy then continued to walk and spoke no more offended and resentful but after a little more than half an hour they came to the stretch of the river where she had slipped and there she found her mother!

The races came to meet and they gave a strong hug, then Mother turned to the bear and embraced him too: “Thank you Lord Bear for bringing me back! I do not really know how to thank her!”

And the bear replied: “It was a pleasure, it is a great marmot, I have never had to do with a puppy, let alone marmot!” Even the small marmot thanked the bear and embraced it! And he said, “Thank you for having me find my mom, you’re basically nice.”

The bear laughed and said to them, “If you agree, I bring you to see a secret place where there are a lot of flowers above. So we can get there when you want. ”

The little marmot said, “Yes, but I’m tired, we walked this morning!” And the bear: “Do not worry, I’ll take you to my shoulders” and the little whispered, “How come? Then you could not do it before? ”

And he said to her, smiling, “You wanted to find your mother, walking we found it again. If I had brought you you would not have learned that you have to walk to get what you want … “.

So the little marmot realized, and went happy on the shoulders of the bear, and always remained good friends.

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