bongocat program python

Bongo cat programming python

Bongo Cat learning Python!

In this era of youtubers and various nonsense in the new social trends, I discover, thanks to my daughter, countless low quality and great success content! : D

Among these is the Bongo cat: an animated kitten that does anything with two movements of the paws!

But it’s nice, in its nonsense, reminds us not to take too seriously and in the long run it is even nice!

Seeing a character that with two movements plays unbelievable things is part of an extremely light way of looking at things and  is proper to children and a vision of life that too often we tend to lose.

I made a little video myself with this character: I imagined that he was learning to program by banging his hands on the keyboard at random as usual. It will eventually succeed and even teaches the first step to program in one of the programming languages most requested of the moment! : D

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