KOL’S STORY (by R.Zanardo)

A child named Kol lived in a small island in the Philippine archipelago.

The village was made up of straw huts in the middle of a thick vegetation of fruit trees and it wasn’t far from the beach.

Kol’s family was very poor but, all things considered, he lived happily thanks to the abundance of fruit and fish that the nature around offered them.
There wasn’t a real school but a hut where an elderly lady gave the 5/6 children who attended it, teachings about the most important things to know like how to do account, read and write.

In the afternoon, Kol went to pick up bananas, coconut and mango along with the other children: it was a real job and once he came home with the harvest, Kol’s mother prepared excellent smoothies. Kol’s father filled the baskets with the remaining fruits and then brought them with a cart to the market to get something out of it.

Kol liked a lot to draw but he owned only a pencil and two pastel: a yellow one and a green one. He was very good and with those few colors he could make incredible drawings.

Everyone admired his talent but it seemed he didn’t realize it because it was very natural.

When he was a little older, at the age of 15, he decided to move to the nearby city to try his luck because, even if he liked the village life, he felt like destined for something else.
He greeted his parents with regret and moved to Cebu, where a friend who already lived there hosted him.

Recalling Kol’s drawing skills, he suggested to come with him to a free computer drawing course, he had heard that many were well paid for that job and that with internet he could get anywhere!
But Kol was skeptical: he hadn’t seen a computer before and wouldn’t even know where to start!
The next day, however, when he saw all the colors he could use, he decided that he absolutely had to learn how to use that fantastic tool!

He worked hard and after a few months he was able to make his own drawings and show his works via internet. Immediately his talent was recognized and many asked him for drawings on commission. They asked for his works from America, Japan and even from Italy!
Kol was overjoyed and with the first money earned he returned to visit his parents. They were very happy for him, Kol would have stayed with them only a few days but he absolutely wanted to go to his old ‘school’ to greet his old teacher and give some pastels to all the new students of the village, who were enthusiastic!

Kol returned to live in Cebu, now he had become accustomed to city life and there he finally had a good job doing what he loved most, even if, occasionally, he returned to his village to give some money to his parents and greet them.

After a few years, two students who had received crayons from him, pay a visit: they had followed the example of the old teacher and and to thank him they brought some beautiful drawings made by them.

Kol understood and immediately took them with him to teach them to use the computer; the boys were just as good and passionate as him.

From there he decided to open a small company that he called: KOL-OR.

The company became famous all over the world and finally he and his new companions of adventure obtained the deserved success.

Even today, Kol returns to his village to sit on the beach and draw the sunset with few colors. Because he loves to do it and to never forget his origins.

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