These fables, inspired by traditional ninna folk songs, are part of a larger project that collects the 12 songs that you can hear on this site.

The original idea is well explained in these phrases by Sabrina:

“For several years I’ve been trying to make a collection of Ninne nanne. Now this desire has finally come to fruition. Many of these nun sneakers have sung and I still sing to my daughter. I have drawn from the traditional and the popular / regional, trying to keep the texts in “original”. I’ve only made a few small additions and modifications, in some cases. Every nineteenth anniversary is accompanied by an illustration by an artist to make it even more special and magical. I hope you like it, at least as much as I liked it! ”

From this was born a book with 12 works accompanied by the original texts of the ninna nanne.

From this idea comes also this collection of fairy tales: we often found ourselves having to tell some tale to our daughter to make her fall asleep. However, some were too long (we added the reading time needed at the beginning of each story precisely for this purpose, based on a friend’s suggestion) and others simply unsuitable. So we often invented them. Some are simple, some absolutely crappy and absurd with sudden and ironic finals. But we also saw that these were often the favorites of our baby so we decided to write some of them.

In these fairy tales in the end there is a lot of our personal experience and a lot of fantastic part inspired however from what surrounds us but also from far away legends that it’s nice to imagine simply what they are.

We thought that a comfortable volume to keep up on the bedside table with some fables to read in bed before falling asleep would have made it comfortable for many as it would have been convenient to us at that time!

We then united this with the creations of our talented friends who created unique works. The images in headings of many fairy tales are taken from the photographs of the corresponding original works.

This also seemed to be a great opportunity to promote their works and to give them the deserved visibility.
In this edition, we have also tried to give a little background morale or little useful lessons, as well as dealing with issues that sometimes can be difficult to deal with children … but that they are often for adults too!

Some dear friends then, fascinated by the project, have contributed their tales and ideas.
In particular, this publication was carried out in collaboration with Why Not’s onlus association, which was born from a crazy idea like ours and then turned into concrete help for the disadvantaged peoples of the world.


Of this we are genuinely proud to be part of, and in doing so, we have made it possible to make our publications a way of supporting this great initiative in a small part.
Never as to us now the phrase that people so crazy to think of being able to change the world in the end are then the ones that change it really makes sense!

Enjoy the reading,
Roberto and Sabrina

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