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Bongo cat programming python

Bongo Cat learning Python!

In this era of youtubers and various nonsense in the new social trends, I discover, thanks to my daughter, countless low quality and great success content! : D

Among these is the Bongo cat: an animated kitten that does anything with two movements of the paws!

But it’s nice, in its nonsense, reminds us not to take too seriously and in the long run it is even nice!

Seeing a character that with two movements plays unbelievable things is part of an extremely light way of looking at things and  is proper to children and a vision of life that too often we tend to lose.

I made a little video myself with this character: I imagined that he was learning to program by banging his hands on the keyboard at random as usual. It will eventually succeed and even teaches the first step to program in one of the programming languages most requested of the moment! : D

Favourite books

My daughter Elisa is making room in her bookstore. She says wants put away some books from when she was younger (by now she’s “big”;).

Asked her to choose 3 ones to which she is more affectionate, in short to make the ranking of her favorites!

He replies that there are too many, but in the end he pulled out these three. They are really consumed … as we have leafed through them. Both his father and I had memorized them after many reading of them!

From some of these, I took inspiration from some of the stories I wrote. How many good memories!

And you, do you have a favorite book of your childhood or more than one, to which you are especially fond of ?

Happy February from us!


Venice under the snow must be an extraordinary sight. This little souvenir reminded me of a trip to Venice, a city that I love. I set one of the fables I wrote in the lagoon city. It is called “Fa la nana bambin”. Tell of two young new parents struggling with a sleepless child 😁 Here you can find the related Lullaby i sung.Enjoy!

How to manage Santa Claus!

How to explain to children Santa Claus? How to deal with the fact that that fantasy has to turn into something else at some point?
I love Christmas and I will always believe in Santa Claus or whatever form I want to give to that magical night, but at a certain point it can happen that parents have to face a ‘delicate’ passage!
I was quite worried even though it may seem like a minor thing: I consulted friends, psychologists and documentation on the thing and in the end I found my way to explain it to my little girl who believed so much, maybe it can be useful to you too!

Hope you like it!