One day the Good Old Witch opened the door and found a chest in front of her with a newborn baby inside. “Oh heavens!” she exclaimed.
“What am I doing with a baby? I’m too busy, I definitely can’t look after it! I’ll take it to my friend the Bogeyman, he’ll know what to do.”

The Bogeyman, who had not yet seen what was in the chest, laughed heartily and said, “Dear Good Old Witch, you know that I don’t get on very well with children… I generally enjoy scaring them, definitely not looking after them! I’ll take it to my cousin, the White Wolf. He’ll know what to do.” And so he did.

The White Wolf, who had a kind heart, agreed to keep the child. After a few days, however, he had to leave for a long journey and thought it wasn’t a good idea to bring it along, so he took him into the woods to his goblin friend.

The goblin was famous for being very wise and the White Wolf said to himself, “He’ll know what to do.”
The goblin took him in.
The days passed and the baby was always sad and whiny.

The Goblin reflected upon what to do and at a certain point exclaimed, “But of course! That’s the best thing to do!”

He took the child and walked towards the city. He took it to a mother and put it in her arms. The baby stopped crying and finally smiled serenely, because there’s no better place in the world for a baby than the arms of a mother!

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