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Favole d'oro
How to manage Santa Claus!
How to explain to children Santa Claus? How to deal with the fact that that fantasy has to turn into something else at some point? I love Christmas and I [...]
The true beginning of Christmas (The big secret)
Helène was, like all children, in love with Christmas; she couldn’t wait to wake up that morning and run into the living room to see what Santa had brought [...]
KOL’S STORY (by R.Zanardo)
A child named Kol lived in a small island in the Philippine archipelago. The village was made up of straw huts in the middle of a thick vegetation of fruit [...]
One day the Good Old Witch opened the door and found a chest in front of her with a newborn baby inside. “Oh heavens!” she exclaimed. “What am I doing with [...]
THE BEAR AND THE MARMOT by Roberto Zanardo
A marmot living on the mountains of the valley of Aosta, in Italy, had a wonderful puppy. He cared for her with the love that only moms know how to give. [...]